VHS #10 Treasures

by Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle
"My Village Home would be a place where all the old and well loved treasures would live in harmony. I love to be surrounded by items that have previous owners. I am the designated family treasure holder. I own a wonderful two story colonial doll house that my aunt, my mother, myself, my brother, my daughter and my son have spent many hours playing with it. In my perfect village home I would have wonderful Weeping Willow Trees with creeks that make gurgling noises that you can take lazy afternoon naps to. It would have sheep and other animals roaming around the property. Inside the home the walls would be filled with an assortment of stitched pieces from every century that I could acquire. To make it the most perfect place on this earth, an ocean would need to be very close at hand. Long walks on the beach to collect lovely sea shells to grace my gardens would be a definite must. I hope you enjoy this piece and may you find your perfect Village Home."
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